Chevron Barracuda Koh Tao


Learn about Chevron Barracuda Koh Tao

Chevron Barracuda are always a pleasure to watch in their natural habitat and especially if you manage to see them when they are schooling in their thousands.

Huge schools can often look like a tornado and that is good news for us as scuba divers because Chevron Barracuda are one of the most commonly seen Barracuda around Koh Tao.

School of Chevron Barracuda Koh Tao
School of Chevron Barracuda Koh Tao

Where to find the Chevron Barracuda on Koh Tao

Chevron Barracuda can be seen at a wide range of dive sites whilst snorkeling and diving on Koh Tao.

However, the best places to see them in huge numbers are Twin Peaks, Sail Rock Pinnacle, Southwest Pinnacle and Chumphon Pinnacle.

How to identify the Chevron Barracuda

Averaging between 30-60cm in length Chevron Barracuda can be identified by around twenty (20) dark chevron shaped markings down the side of the body.

The markings follow all the way to the caudal fin, which has a black trim and makes it one of the easiest Barracuda to identify.

Like all Barracuda they have prominent razor-sharp teeth and if you manage to get up close you will notice they have a slight under-bite.

Razor Sharp Teeth

Their body is usually a dark blue and when swimming around they can show shimmers of green and grey hues.

Due to being slightly smaller than other members of the Barracuda family they have a few natural predators.

For this reason, the Chevron Barracuda often like safety in numbers and can regularly be seen schooling more often than other species of Barracuda.

Forming in huge numbers like a tornado can make it more confusing for any nearby predator to single one of them out.

Chevron Barracuda Fish Koh Tao
Chevron Barracuda Fish Koh Tao

Chevron Barracuda Characteristics & Behaviour

With so many pairs of eyes on the lookout it can help to alert other Barracuda to any approaching predators and can be a key to their survival.

Newly hatched Chevron Barracuda will remain in shallower water that offers them natural protection with vegetation and a constant supply of food until they are big enough to roam the open water.

Barracuda are thought to live up to fifteen (15) years and you can tell the age of a Barracuda by the number of rings around its scales.

Attracted to Shiny Objects

They are also hugely attracted to shiny objects and generally target silver and gold coloured species of fish to prey on.

You will often see them on night dives using the moon light or your torch beam to reflect off smaller fish in order to hunt.

Interesting facts about the Chevron Barracuda

Chevron Barracuda can swim in bursts of up to twenty-five (25 mph) miles per hour, which gives them an advantage when hunting and to escape any predators.

Research suggests Chevron Barracuda have been around for over fifty (50) million years and over the years they have developed into a highly intelligent species of fish.

Unfortunately, the biggest threat to Chevron Barracuda are human beings as they are considered to be a game species and in some areas over fishing has seen their numbers dwindle.