Green Sea Turtle Koh Tao


Learn about the Green Sea Turtle Koh Tao

A Green Sea Turtle is the most iconic marine life species associated with Koh Tao and over the years it has become the pin-up model when associated with the island.

Koh Tao's Ocean Treasure: The Majestic Green Sea Turtle |

Where to find the Green Sea Turtle on Koh Tao

Scuba Divers can find the majestic Green Sea Turtle at many of the dive sites around Koh Tao including White Rock, Twins, Hin Pee Wee, Hin Wong, Shark Island and Aow Leuk bay.

A Green Sea Turtle called George is the oldest and wisest and has lived at Shark Bay for many years and is visited regularly by snorkelers on full day or half day snorkel trips.

How to identify the Green Sea Turtle

A Green Sea Turtle can be identified by a smooth and more rounded beak, which can often be more hook-shaped on other sea turtles and Green Sea Turtles have two front limbs with one claw on each flipper.

Their outer shell, also known as a Carapaces, is a more tear drop shape and is wider and smoother when compared to other turtles and it is usually a brown-olive colour with the outer edges of the shell more rounded.

Green Sea Turtles Marine Life Koh Tao
Green Sea Turtles – Marine Life Koh Tao

Green Sea Turtle Identification

An easily distinguished characteristic of the Green Sea Turtle is the colour of their flesh and under belly.

Due to their highly herbivorous diet, researchers believe this is what causes the green hue on their skin and is it where the name Green Sea Turtle comes from.

Green Sea Turtle Characteristics & Behaviour

During early life a Green Sea Turtle will spend its time swimming around the ocean eating invertebrates like jellyfish, sponges and crabs.

As they mature, they tend to find shallow refuge around coastlines, bays and lagoons and stick to mostly sea grasses and algae.

Averaging a life span of eighty (80) or more years they can grow up to five (5) feet in length.

Green Sea Turtle covers long distances

All of this eating over the years allows them to weigh up to seven hundred (700) pounds and they are the largest hard-shell turtle in the world.

It is thought that the Green Sea Turtle often covers very long distances so they can reach the correct beach to lay their eggs.

Their hydrodynamic shell and paddle-like flippers help them to cover these distances and in full flow, they can possibly reach speeds of up to 35mph (56 km/h).

Green Sea Turtle Koh Tao
Green Sea Turtle Koh Tao

Interesting facts about the Green Sea Turtle

It is believed that while most sea turtles use shallow water to swim in and breach the surface, some Green Turtles will actually move onto land to bask in the sun.

Occasionally seen sunbathing, it is one of the very few marine turtles known to move onto dry land other than for nesting reasons.

A Green Sea Turtle can hold its breath for hours and as they are cold blooded, the duration of this breath hold can be determined by the temperature of the water.

Green Sea Turtle on Land

Unfortunately, Green Sea Turtles numbers have suffered due to hunting, over harvesting of their eggs, loss of nesting beaches and pollution.

Fishing has also posed dangers as thousands of these peaceful reptiles are caught in fishing nets or hit by boat propellers and are unable to survive.

Just like the seven (7) other species of turtle, they are classified as endangered and we need to do all we can to protect them.

Green Sea Turtle Koh Tao - Marine Life
Green Sea Turtle Koh Tao – Marine Life