PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course Koh Tao

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Learn how to administer Oxygen to a scuba diver in distress

Oxygen is essential to the maintenance of life and the deprivation of oxygen can lead to death rapidly.

Oxygen therapy is used to treat many injuries and diseases and can increase the chances of recovery significantly when given in an appropriate and timely way.

Knowing how to provide emergency oxygen and activate local medical services (EMS), are the two most important procedures for treating a diver suffering from decompression sickness, lung over expansion injuries and near drowning.

Oxygen Provider Application & Recovery

Research and medical case history clearly demonstrates that administering Oxygen immediately makes a dramatic difference in a patient’s immediate condition and longer term recovery.

The goal of the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course is to train scuba divers and those in a position to help divers, in the correct use of emergency oxygen whilst activating local Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to arrange evacuation to the nearest medical facility.

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Course


Included in the Koh Tao Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

  • PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider manual
  • PADI Certification card
  • All equipment required for the course
  • Maximum 4 students per PADI Instructor
  • Black Turtle Dive Customer (and environmental) promise


1 Day PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Course

Anyone can enrol on an Emergency Oxygen Provider specialty course.

The course consists of two sections:

  • Knowledge Development – Instructor led knowledge development session and completion of the knowledge review
  • Skill development – 4 x skills


At Black Turtle Dive we take our customer promise very seriously. All courses are conducted with a maximum of 4 students per PADI Instructor.

Our Dive Instructors are highly trained and will ensure you receive lots of attention and most importantly, progress at your own pace in a relaxed environment.

During your training we will slowly build your confidence and ability as you develop the skills necessary to become an Emergency Oxygen Provider.

Koh Tao Emergency Oxygen Provider Course schedule

The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course schedule is flexible and we can work around your own personal needs and timeframe.

Please feel free to ask us about upcoming courses. If you have any special requests you can email or contact us direct on one of the messenger apps on this page. 

Day 1:

09.00 – 11.30: Orientation & Knowledge Development


13.30 – 16.00: Emergency Oxygen specialty skill development sessions

You are now a certified PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider.


PADI Emergency Oxygen Specialty Course Information

02 Course Orientation & Knowledge Development.

We start the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty course at 09.00 with an Orientation that includes completion of some paperwork and the PADI Medical statement.

The Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty course consists of 4 skills that we will help you master during a skill development session with your instructor.  

There is an Instructor led knowledge development and a 14 question open book of knowledge reviews to complete that your instructor will review.

The Specialty Instructor led knowledge development is conducted during the morning of day 1. The subjects you will cover include:

  • Life-threatening problems that emergency oxygen helps to make a positive difference
  • Why oxygen is used to treat scuba diving illnesses
  • Causes of lung over-expansion injuries and decompression sickness
  • Signs & symptoms of decompression illness
  • Why non-rebreather masks are often used to treat injured scuba divers
  • Why demand inhalator valves are the first choice in treating injured, breathing divers
  • Valves that deliver 100 percent emergency oxygen to injured divers
  • Correct maintenance with Oxygen equipment

Skill Development

There are 4 skills to complete to become a certified Emergency Oxygen Provider.

Emergency Oxygen Provider skill #1

Assembly and Disassembly of an Emergency Oxygen System

Emergency Oxygen Provider skill #2

Non-Rebreather Mask Use for a Breathing Diver

Emergency Oxygen Provider skill #3

Demand Inhalator Valve Used for a Breathing Diver

Emergency Oxygen Provider skill #4

Pocket Mask Use with Oxygen for a Non-breathing Diver

Congratulations. Once you complete all the skills, you are now a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialist.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you learn on the Emergency Oxygen (O2) Provider Specialty course?

You will learn why the use of Oxygen is important and in what situations the use of emergency Oxygen can make a significant difference.

You will look at different diving injuries that may require the use of emergency Oxygen.

For the practical part of the course, you will look at different types of Oxygen systems, as well as how to set them up and how to administer Oxygen to a victim.

How long is the Emergency Oxygen (O2) Provider Specialty course for on Koh Tao?

The Emergency O2 Provider Specialty course takes a 1/2 day to complete on Koh Tao.

You can start the course either in the morning or in the afternoon and will meet up with your instructor to go through the theory and knowledge review.

Afterwards you will look at the different Oxygen system setups and get to practice the practical skills and scenarios.

What is the cost of the Emergency Oxygen (O2) Provider Specialty course on Koh Tao?

The cost of the PADI Emergency O2 Provider Specialty is THB 5,000. Included in this price are all course materials, instructor fees, and certification fees.

Food and accommodation are not included. However, you can contact us to find out about accommodation options. We have AC rooms available at discounted rates when taking a diving course with us.

Ex-students will enjoy a 10% discount on the O2 specialty course price.

Who can take the Emergency Oxygen (O2) Provider Specialty course?

Anyone can take the Emergency O2 Provider course and it does not matter if you are a scuba diver or not.

There is no minimum age for the course but students must be capable of completing all performance requirements.

The specialty course is very popular with divers taking the PADI Rescue Diver course or divers that are undertaking their Pro Level training.

Do you need to be Certified to give someone Oxygen?

Oxygen is considered as a drug in many countries and therefore a certification is required to administer Oxygen to someone.

There are also fire or explosion hazards when using Oxygen because it accelerates combustion. It is important to follow the right procedures and use the right equipment.

During the Emergency O2 Provider course you will learn all the techniques to safely give Oxygen to a victim.