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Our Customer Promise

Ocean Explorers. Marine Protectors

 “Creating competent Ocean Explorers and passionate Marine Protectors”

Through our training courses and experiences, we hope to create a better scuba diver who is more confident and competent and inspire you to become a passionate Ocean advocate.

Black Turtle Dive Koh Tao Our Customer Promise
Black Turtle Dive Koh Tao Our Customer Promise


R – RESPONSIBILITY – We pledge to take our responsibilities to our customers, our staff, the local community and the environment very seriously and demonstrate this through our role model behaviour and actions.

E – EQUALITY & DIVERSITY – We pledge to recognise and value diversity and equality through inclusion, regardless of age, gender, disability, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual orientation and strive to promote fairness and respect to everyone.

S – SERVICE – We pledge a commitment to all of our customers to give the best Customer Experience and to provide prompt, courteous and excellent Customer Service by knowledgeable, understanding and friendly staff.

P – PROTECT & CONSERVE – We pledge to protect and conserve our wonderful underwater environment so this amazing world can be enjoyed by generations to come.

E – EXCELLENCE – We pledge to create an environment that is conducive to learning, innovation and excellence, so that everyone can benefit and reach their full potential.

C – COMMUNITY – We pledge ourselves to opening up opportunities to the local community, our customers and staff through partnerships, collaboration, accessible infrastructure and resources.

T – TRAINING & STANDARDS – We pledge to teach and conduct all levels of diver training and activities to the very highest training standards, offering all our customers a high quality experience, exploration and adventure, in a fun and safe environment.

Our Customer Promise - Black Turtle Dive Koh Tao
Our Customer Promise – Black Turtle Dive Koh Tao

Our Commitment to You

We demonstrate our commitment to your success through own role model actions and a shared vision for learning and to become a part of the solution in protecting and preserving our Ocean planet.

We align with and promote best conservation and environmental practices in all of our diving courses, experience and educational programs and focus our training on you.

Ocean Planet- Koh Tao Scuba Diving Courses
Ocean Planet – Koh Tao Diving Courses