Titan Triggerfish Koh Tao


Learn about the Titan Triggerfish on Koh Tao

Titan Triggerfish are found at nearly every dive site or snorkeling location you can visit on Koh Tao.

Titan Triggerfish are the largest species in the triggerfish family and over the years they have been misunderstood or maybe you have heard of the urban legend of Trevor the Titan Triggerfish.

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Where to find the Titan Triggerfish on Koh Tao

Titan Triggerfish are one of the most commonly seen fish species in the marine environment around Koh Tao.

You can see them at shallow dive sites such as White Rock and Twin Peaks to the deeper dive sites such as HTMS Sattakut or Chumphon Pinnacle.

Green Rock Dive Site

However, if you ask any scuba diver on Koh Tao and they will probably mention Green Rock dive site.

The reason why is that over the years Green Rock dive site has become a very popular nesting ground for many Titan Triggerfish.

How to identify the Titan Triggerfish

Just like most of the triggerfish species, the Titan Triggerfish has an oval shaped body that can be a mixture of various shades of black and grey.

Titan Triggerfish have a rear dorsal and anal fin that are a pale yellow color with a black and blue trim, which are symmetrical and what they use to cruise around and glide through the water.

Titan Triggerfish have dark markings above the mouth which look like a moustache and their teeth and jaw are impressively strong, designed for crunching through hard shells and corals.

Titan Triggerfish create a nest together in pairs by blowing jets of water into the sand, which can be as deep as one metre and wide enough too easily fit a human being.

Titan Triggerfish - Marine Life
Titan Triggerfish – Marine Life

Titan Triggerfish Characteristics & Behaviour

  • Being the largest of the Trigger fish family they have been known to grow up to 80cm in length with the female generally being larger of the two.
  • In front of their rear dorsal fin above their head, they have a smaller spiny dorsal fin which can be locked.

When this spiny dorsal fin is erect, it can resemble a trigger, which is where the name Trigger Fish originates and it is a defence system used to warn off anything nearby recognised as a threat.

  • Triggerfish are very much workers of the reef and you will find them biting off branches of coral, cracking open shells and urchins and turning over various rocks they find.

Their behaviour often results in a smaller group of fish following them around in waiting, as the Triggerfish stirs up the bottom, it also makes other food sources available for fish nearby.

Titan Triggerfish Koh Tao
Titan Triggerfish Koh Tao

Interesting Facts about the Titan Triggerfish

Titan Triggerfish are a very loyal and territorial fish, especially in mating season and when keeping watch over their eggs, it is actually the female that keeps guard and will chase off anything that comes too close.

Titan Triggerfish males start their search for mating partners by dancing using intricate finning behaviour.

After the female has decided on a partner, they will then bond together by building a nest for their future fledglings.

Titan Triggerfish are a Territorial Fish

When building nests in a larger group, which can be seen at Green Rock, their deep nests can look like craters, which gives you the impression you are diving on the moon.

Their territory around the nest is a cone-like shape that goes up towards the surface of the water.

If there was an award for best parenting, Titan Triggerfish would be high up the list in the marine world as they can spend many days at a time safe guarding their property.

Titan Triggerfish also have the ability to rotate each eyeball independently and are a very intellectual species.

Titan Triggerfish Koh Tao Marine Life
Titan Triggerfish Koh Tao Marine Life