PADI Scuba Review on Koh Tao

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Refresh your Scuba Skills & Explore Koh Tao

If you have not dived for a while and are considering taking some dives when you visit Koh Tao, a Scuba Review is a great way to refresh your diving skills and spend more time having fun when diving.

Quite often – the same as other skills we learn in the past, divers can forget how to perform skills, diving hand signals, equipment set up and lose the sensation of breathing on scuba equipment underwater.

Enjoy Your Dives – Koh Tao Marine Life

All of these things can have serious implications on safety but also on the level of enjoyment you experience when scuba diving.

As scuba divers, the last thing we want to be doing underwater is constantly trying to clear a flooded mask, not planning the dive properly, managing unfamiliar equipment.

A Scuba Review gives you back the confidence needed to really enjoy your dives, so you can focus on the amazing marine environment and not your equipment.


Included in the Koh Tao Scuba Review

  • Full 24 skills – skill circuit
  • Dive Insurance
  • Option to make additional Open Water dives
  • Rental of all scuba equipment
  • FREE use of Dive Computer
  • Guaranteed small group – Maximum 2 students per PADI Instructor
  • Black Turtle Dive customer (and environmental) promise


To book a PADI Scuba Review you must be:

  • 10 years of age or older
  • A certified Open Water diver or higher
  • Medically fit to dive

We conduct the PADI Scuba Review program over half a day, morning or afternoon.

The program consists of two sections:

  • Knowledge Development – your Dive Instructor or PADI Divemaster will take you through the scuba tune up guidebook that will help to refresh your basic scuba knowledge.

There is an easy 34 question quick review to complete so we ensure you understand this.

  • Confined Water training – conducted in one of the many beautiful shallow bays around the island we refresh your basic scuba skills with a 24 skills – skill circuit.

Your Instructor will demonstrate first, then you will have the opportunity to repeat, practice and perfect. Some of the skills you will refresh include:

  • Regulator clearing & recovery
  • Mask removal and replacement
  • Neutral buoyancy
  • Swimming, streamline and trim
  • Underwater communication and hand signals
  • Open Water mini dive – after the skills circuit, if you have air remaining in your cylinder, we can take advantage of this and go for a shallow dive around the beautiful Coral reef.


At Black Turtle Dive we take our customer promise very seriously. Our Scuba Reviews are conducted with a maximum of 2 students per PADI Instructor.

Our Instructors are highly trained and will ensure you receive lots of attention and progress at your own pace in a relaxed environment.

During your Scuba Review we will slowly build up your confidence, as you refresh your knowledge and dive skills necessary to be able to enjoy your fun dives around the Coral reefs of Koh Tao.

Koh Tao Scuba Review Schedule

The Scuba Review schedule is flexible and we can work around your own personal needs and timeframe.

Please ask us about any special requests you have either via email or on one of the messenger apps on this page. 

Black Turtle Dive has two Scuba Review packages:

Scuba Review cost: 1,800 baht

Additional Fun Dive: 800 baht

Scuba Review schedule:

Day 1:

11.00 – 12.30: Orientation followed by completing the scuba tune up guidebook
12.30 – 17.30: Full skills circuit in shallow water and a min dive*

*air consumption allowing


PADI Scuba Review Information

Orientation & Knowledge Development

Your instructor will re-introduce you to basic concepts including the effects of pressure and how to equalize your ears.

Importance of correct breathing techniques and why you should never hold your breath.

We will also discuss hand signals and the importance of safety and staying close to your Instructor.

The Instructor led knowledge development session along with the paperwork will take approximately 45 mins to complete.

Shallow & Confined Water training

We will re-introduce you to scuba in shallow water to start, breathing through the regulator, equalizing your ears before we get into the skill practice.

You Instructor will demonstrate each skill, then you will have time to try, practice and eventually perfect.

Open Water Dives – Explore the Ocean

Now you are feeling comfortable with your underwater skills it is time for the real fun to begin. It is time to explore the ocean.

Starting from shallow water we will guide you around the Coral reef, if air allows and conduct a mini dive for you to adjust and become comfortable whilst pointing out some of the cool Marine Life.