Become a PADI Divemaster on Koh Tao

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Koh Tao PADI Divemaster Course Full Information

Do you love scuba diving? Would you like to share your passion, become a mentor and inspire others?

Are you looking for a personal development activity that involves team work, leadership, self-discovery, in an amazing tropical location with new friends from all around the world?

Explore your passion for scuba diving and learn to lead certified divers around the diverse 25+ dive sites surrounding Koh Tao.

Explore you Passion as a PADI Divemaster on Koh Tao

Our PADI Divemaster course is the most popular professional level, recreational diver training course in the world and your first step onto the PADI Professional ladder.

You will gain knowledge, supervisory, leadership skills and the management abilities necessary to organize diving activities for others.

You will fine tune your dive skills so you can hover like a fish. You will sharpen your rescue skills enabling you to anticipate and solve problems and manage emergency situations.

Fine Tune your Diving skills

You will learn how to supervise and guide other divers, assist PADI Instructors with diver training courses and most importantly become a role model for others.

Koh Tao is the perfect location to complete the PADI Divemaster course. The island has great dive sites, diving all year round, a laid-back island vibe within a vibrant social scene – the entire island lives and breathes scuba diving.

Become a part of the Koh Tao community and take the next step as a diver and become a PADI diving professional.

A Serious Lifestyle Change – Go Pro with PADI on Koh Tao

Become a PADI Divemaster and learn what it takes to become an accomplished dive leader and immerse yourself into a whole new world.


Included in the Koh Tao PADI Divemaster Course

  • Lots of real-life experience
  • Flexible schedule
  • Rental of all scuba equipment
  • FREE use of Dive Computer
  • Log book
  • Black Turtle Dive Customer (and environmental) promise

To enroll on our PADI Divemaster course you must:

  • Be Rescue Diver or equivalent
  • Hold a recognized First Aid and CPR certificate valid within the last 24 months
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Have recent diving experience – we recommend completing a scuba review if you have not dived for 12 months
  • Logged a minimum of 40 dives to start the course
  • Medically fit to dive and cleared for diving by a physician with the last 12 months

Our Divemaster course provides you with a flexible schedule to suit your itinerary and the course itself can take anything from a minimum of 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

Our core team have trained thousands of PADI Divemasters and from our experience you should allow a minimum of 4 weeks to get the most out of the course itself.

All performance requirements are fixed and must be met regardless of the time it takes you to complete the course.


Koh Tao PADI Divemaster Course Candidate Information

The course consists of three sections; Knowledge Development, Water skills Development and Practical Application.

Divemaster Knowledge Development

The all new PADI Divemaster e-Learning will cover the following subjects:

  • The role and characteristics of the PADI Divemaster
  • Supervising diving activities
  • Assisting with student divers
  • Diver Safety & Risk Management
  • Divemaster conducted programs
  • Specialized skills and activities
  • The business of diving and your career
  • Awareness of the dive environment
  • Dive theory review

The Divemaster video is integrated within the online study materials and each section will finish with a knowledge review.

Once you have completed the knowledge review sections and you are comfortable with the information, you will take the PADI Divemaster Final Exam part 1 & 2.

You will also need to prepare an emergency assistance plan (EAP). This is something you should have originally completed in your PADI Rescue Diver Course.

Divemaster Water skills Development

  • Water skills exercises 1-4 (400 & 800metre swim, 15 minute float, 100metre diver tow)
  • Equipment Exchange
  • Diver rescue assessment
  • Dive skills circuit (24 skill circuit)

Divemaster Practical Application

The practical application section of your Divemaster course includes a number of in-water workshops, scenarios and assessments.

Divemaster Practical Skills

  • 1 – Dive site set up and management
  • 2 – Mapping Project
  • 3 – Dive briefing workshops
  • 4 – Search & Recovery scenario
  • 5 – Deep dive scenario

Divemaster Conducted Programs Workshops

  • 1 – Reactivate Program
  • 2 – Skin Diver & Snorkeling supervisor
  • 3 – Discover Scuba Diver program in confined water
  • 4 – Discover Scuba Diver program – additional Open Water diver
  • 5 – Discover Local Diving in Open Water

Divemaster Practical Assessments

  • 1 – Open Water diver students in confined water
  • 2 – Open Water diver students in Open Water
  • 3 – Continuing Education students in Open Water
  • 4 – Certified Diver in Open Water

Divemaster Professionalism Criteria

You are evaluated on your professionalism and role model behaviour throughout the PADI Divemaster training.

You will be scored on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being excellent and 1 being unacceptable.

You are evaluated on the following criteria and to successfully complete the professionalism section you must score at least a 3 in every area:

  • Level of active, positive participation in the training session
  • Ability to serve as a mentor to student divers
  • Willingness to follow directions
  • Positive attitude and demeanor towards student divers, certified divers and staff
  • Positive attitude and practice towards caring for the environment
  • General understanding of the role of a PADI Divemaster
  • Appearance

To be certified as a PADI Divemaster you must meet all the knowledge development, water skills development and practical application performance requirements and meet the professional criteria.

To be certified, you must also have:

PADI Divemaster Course Cost: 30,000 baht **


** Additional costs

2024 Divemaster Application Fee: $AUS 260 / *$286 (Australian Resident)

PADI Divemaster Materials – 8,000 baht
(Divemaster Digital Crew Pack)

All Divemaster candidates must have a set of required materials for use during the course and to retain afterwards.

  • PADI Divemaster e-Learning & Manual
  • Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
  • PADI Instructor Manual
  • Divemaster Slates
  • DSD Cue card
  • ReActivate
  • Digital Electronic Recreational Dive Planner (e-RDPML)
  • PADI Log Book

Black Turtle Dive PADI Divemaster Candidates

At Black Turtle Dive we take our customer promise very seriously and we want to ensure our passion for providing the highest quality diver training and customer service, is passed onto you.

By instilling our customer promise into each one of our professional candidates, we believe it provides them with the best chance of success within the diving industry.

Our Divemaster & Dive Instructor Development team is possibly the most experienced within the dive industry.

Industry Leaders

Between us we have conducted 100’s of IDC’s, certifying 1000’s of PADI Instructors and Divemasters over the past 18 years across Asia.

We also have over 30 years of combined industry management experience and have vast expertise in developing our own successful Divemaster and Dive Instructor programs.

Change of Lifestyle as a PADI Divemaster on Koh Tao

We know what it takes to produce a successful Divemaster and Dive Instructor and we know what potential employers look for in a modern dive professional with the right attitude.

With our PADI Divemaster program, it is our intention to train you to become a multi skilled PADI Divemaster, who in the future, we would have no hesitation employing ourselves.

We will build up your skills, knowledge, confidence and ability to work as a dive leader and dive educator.

Knowledge & Skills

You will progress at your own pace and receive additional attention in areas you are weak in, as you develop the skills necessary to become a competent PADI Divemaster.

Our Divemaster programs include lots of additional workshops and training sessions that go above and beyond what PADI actually requires.

Our distinctive buoyancy clinics will ensure your skills are of the absolute highest standard and we will turn you into a buoyancy expert who divers look up to.

Buoyancy Workshops

Our unique Reef Ecology and Marine conservation workshop gives you the knowledge to better understand how our Coral reefs function and the threats they are facing everyday.

This means you can better educate your divers and encourage them to become Marine Protectors as well.

Both you and your divers are future role models and advocates for others to become involved in conservation efforts worldwide.

Koh Tao Divemaster Course Flexible Schedule

The Divemaster course schedule at Black Turtle Dive is flexible and we can work around your own personal needs and timeframe.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any special requests either by email or on one of the messenger apps on this page.

Flexible Schedule

The Divemaster course schedule is the most flexible within the PADI system and we operate a flexi-schedule system that can be tailored to you.

In order to do this, we offer direct communication between you and your Dive Instructor on a regular basis.

This is so we can maximize your dive time; ensure that we meet your expectations while still meeting all course performance requirements within your timeframe.


Our PADI Divemaster Course in more detail

Orientation & Knowledge Development – Divemaster Course

You will need 40 logged dives in order to start your training and we begin the course with your Divemaster course Orientation.

We issue you with the Divemaster Digital Crewpak either before or after arrival to Koh Tao, depending on your preference. Then you are all set to get started with the Divemaster e-Learning.

You will be asked to complete the following paperwork:

  • PADI Release of Liability
  • Assumption of Risk
  • Non-agency Acknowledgment Form
  • PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices
  • Statement of Understanding
  • PADI Medical Statement (RSTC Medical form)

The PADI Divemaster course e-Learning comprises of the 9 modules listed above.

Each module is discussed in the Divemaster e-Learning and comes with a corresponding knowledge review for you to complete.

Your Diving Instructor will then review these with you in order to ensure you understand everything fully and assist you with any questions you may have. You will also have to complete the Divemaster e-Learning Quick Review.

As our Divemaster course schedule is very flexible, your Instructor will help you to manage and balance your time, in and out of the water.

Orientation & Knowledge Development

Some of your time will be spent on self-study as you work towards completion of all 9 knowledge reviews, which can be completed before arrival with the Divemaster e-Learning.

Once all the Divemaster course knowledge development is completed and you are satisfied with your knowledge, you can take the Divemaster final exam.

The final module of the knowledge development section is the Emergency Assistance Plan (EAP).

You will prepare an emergency assistance plan with the necessary information to manage a diving accident at specific dive site.


Divemaster Water Skills Development & Exercises

There are 5 water skills exercises to complete as part of your PADI Divemaster course.

You must score at least 15 points in total to pass this section of the course and your Dive Instructor will review the scoring criteria with you.

The Water Skills are:

  • 400 meter freestyle swim
  • 800 metre swim with mask, snorkel & fins
  • 15 minute float
  • 100 metre diver tow
  • Equipment Exchange

You will complete the equipment exchange in confined water and you must exchange all your scuba equipment with a buddy whilst neutrally buoyant.

PADI Divemaster Diver Rescue Assessment

During your rescue assessment, you must locate a missing diver who is fully submerged underwater.

The victim will be simulating that they are unconscious and unresponsive and you must bring the diver to the surface in a manner that is safe and controlled for both you and the Victim.

You can then begin to tow the diver back to the boat whilst administering rescue breaths and finish the exercise by removing the diver from the water.

Divemaster Dive skills circuit (24 skill circuit)

During your first skills circuit your Instructor will demonstrate each skill and then give you an opportunity to try it out on your own.

During the skill circuits, the objective is to learn how to conduct the skill with demonstration quality.

The PADI definition of demonstration quality is: Exercise is performed correctly, slowly and with exaggerated movement – appeared easy. Showcasing the skill in this manner will score a 5 out of 5.

To pass the skill circuit you must demonstrate all 24 skills listed below, scoring at least a 3 on each one of the skills.

Your total score should be at least 82 points with at least one underwater skill being a 5.

Neutrally Buoyant

To score a 5, during the regulator recovery and clearing & mask removal, replacement and clearing skills; you must demonstrate the skill neutrally buoyant.

Your Instructor will give you lots of time to practice these skills and we will conduct multiple skill circuits with you to ensure your skill demonstrations are as good as ours.

  1. Equipment assembly, adjustment, preparation, donning and disassembly
  2. Pre-dive safety check (BWRAF)
  3. Deep-water entry
  4. Buoyancy check at surface
  5. Snorkel-regulator/regulator-snorkel exchange
  6. Five-point descent, using buoyancy control to stop descent without contacting the bottom
  7. Regulator recovery and clearing*
  8. Mask removal, replacement and clearing*
  9. Air depletion exercise and alternate air source use (stationary)
  10. Alternate air source-assisted ascent
  11. Free flowing regulator breathing
  12. Neutral buoyancy, rise and fall – using low pressure inflation
  13. Five-point ascent
  14. Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent
  15. Orally inflate BCD to hover for at least 60 seconds
  16. Underwater swim without a mask
  17. Remove and replace weight system underwater
  18. Remove and replace scuba unit underwater
  19. Remove and replace scuba unit on the surface
  20. Remove and replace weight system on the surface
  21. Surface dive while skin diving and clear snorkel using blast method upon surfacing
  22. Disconnect low-pressure inflator
  23. Re-secure a loose cylinder band
  24. Perform an emergency weight drop


PADI Divemaster Practical Skills

Dive site set up and management

Under the supervision of one of our Dive Instructors you will be our surface cover for the dive trip and you will be asked to set up the dive boat and manage the entire trip.

Tasks include:

  • Assigning areas for divers to assemble and dis-assemble their equipment
  • Prepare emergency equipment
  • Meet and greet divers
  • Organize the dive roster
  • Manage divers in and out of the water

The dive site set up and management task on a real boat trip is extensive, however, by the time you reach this part of the course you should be familiar with what you need to do.

PADI Divemaster Mapping Project

The mapping project is a lot of fun and can be completed over 1-2 dives, depending on the dive site you map.

With a buddy you will survey a dive site and then draw a map highlighting the underwater topography with references to depth, points of interest and environmental notes and potential hazards.

PADI Divemaster Dive Briefing Workshops

As a PADI Divemaster, you may be expected to guide certified divers and give role model dive site briefings to diving customers.

This is an important skill and something we will work with you over time to develop.

You will use one of your Divemaster slates to assist with the structure and key points of your dive briefing.

Your dive briefing should include:

  • Dive plan
  • Dive procedures
  • Entry and exit techniques
  • Description of the dive site
  • What marine life you can expect to see
  • Hand signals
  • Emergency procedures
  • Environmental guidelines

PADI Divemaster Search & Recovery scenario

We will start this workshop off with practice on land including; tying knots and rehearsing underwater search patterns.

We find it helps to rehearse these skills on land, before attempting them underwater.

We will also review the characteristics of each search pattern and the appropriate time to use them.

Search & Recovery

This is a two dive workshop and the first dive will focus on underwater knot tying and using a lift bag.

Once you have mastered these skills, we will continue with further challenges.

On the second dive your Instructor will hide multiple items for you to find and bring to the surface and you will need to choose a suitable search pattern to find each one of these objects.

PADI Divemaster Deep Dive scenario

During this workshop we will focus on proper dive planning and gas management.

You will prepare and deploy a drop tank at the dive site for emergency decompression purposes and plan a deep dive.

You must then execute the dive based on your plan, while also working on underwater navigation at depth.


Divemaster Conducted Programs Workshops

During the Divemaster Conducted Programs Workshops, you will role play alternating roles between being a student diver and Divemaster.

PADI Reactivate Program – Divemaster Course

With your Instructor you will review the Re-Activate standards in your PADI Instructor Manual and familiarize yourself with the program.

Using your Divemaster slates, you will interview divers and prescriptively decide which skills to practice.

Re-Activate Workshop

You will then be asked to present a skill in confined water and your Instructor will assign random problems to the role playing student divers.

You will conduct a briefing, demonstrate a skill and then identify and correct each of the assigned problems.

Once your students have completed and mastered the skill, you will then be asked to debrief them.

The dive skills this program focuses on are:

  • Remove, replace and clear your mask
  • Become neutrally buoyant and hover
  • Emergency weight belt drop
  • Alternative Air source ascent to the surface

Skin Diver & Snorkeling Supervisor – Divemaster Course

Snorkeling is a fast growing and popular activity all around the world and especially in the clear, warm tropical sea around Koh Tao.

During this workshop you will review exactly how to conduct a Skin Diver program as a PADI Divemaster.

Skin Diving & Snorkeling

You will go through the entire program from start to finish, while role playing as both the student and the Divemaster conducting the course.

Your instructors will also advise you on problem solving and supervision techniques for both confined and Open Water dives.

PADI Discover Scuba Diver Program in Confined Water

Your instructor will review all Discover Scuba Diver program standards with you from your PADI Instructor manual.

Once you are in the water, we will focus on correct positioning relative to Discover Scuba Diving participants and recognize and correct problems.

Discover Scuba Diving Workshop

Your dive instructor will have you role play a discover scuba diving experience from start to finish.

This includes both the knowledge development and confined water portions of the PADI DSD Experience.

Discover Scuba Diver Program – additional Open Water diver

Once you have completed the Discover Scuba Diver program in confined water, you are ready to simulate taking participants into an Open Water environment.

You will be taught how to conduct a dive briefing that is appropriate for Discover Scuba Diving participants during their additional Open Water dive.

Discover Scuba Diving in Open Water

You will lead the dive, demonstrating good control and supervision techniques and recognize and correct problems.

Your Instructor will also ensure you are familiar with the PADI standards that apply to a Divemaster conducting an additional Open Water dive with a Discover Scuba participant.

Discover Local Diving in Open Water – Divemaster Course

This workshop focuses on taking certified divers diving at a dive site they are unfamiliar with.

You will be asked to give an environmental assessment of the dive site conditions, plan the dive and brief the participants.

Discover Local Diving Workshop

Once you are underwater you will lead the dive and point out marine life and features of interest to your divers.

For the entire dive you will also showcase proper control and supervision and at the end of the dive you will participate in a Delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB) workshop.

You will need to demonstrate that you are comfortable deploying a DSMB at depth before finishing your dive.


PADI Divemaster Practical Assessments

During your practical assessments you will be working with real student divers and will be assisting your Instructor with PADI training.

Open Water Diver students Confined Water – Divemaster Course

This is your opportunity to see how a PADI Instructor teaches student divers and provide assistance.

You will assist the confined water training session of an Open Water Diver course, teaching real student divers.

Assisting on a PADI Open Water Course

Your Instructor will ask you to organize equipment set ups with the students and coordinate students, which is especially important when dealing with a larger number of students.

You will supervise students not receiving your Instructors direct attention, help any divers overcome any learning difficulties and respond to any problems that may occur.

At some stage during this training session your Dive Instructor will ask you to demonstrate a skill.

Open Water Diver students Open Water – Divemaster Course

During the Open Water portion of the Open Water course, your Dive Instructor will ask you to assess the training dive site and give any recommendations you have as to it’s suitability for entry level divers.

As with all your assists you will organize equipment set ups, supervise divers not receiving the instructors immediate attention and respond to any problems any of the divers may have.

At some stage during the dives your Instructor will give you the opportunity to lead a portion of the underwater tour at a ratio of 2:1.

Continuing Education students Open Water – Divemaster Course

Continuing education courses are great fun and you get the opportunity to assist your Instructor during a dive, or an entire continuing education course, which is often a PADI Advanced or Rescue Diver course.

Continuing Education

Although Open Water courses are fantastic, continuing education courses have a lot of learning and fun to offer.

You get to dive deeper, help with navigation and take students diving at night. As with your other practical assessments, you will be keeping a close eye on the students and anticipating and preventing problems that may happen.

Certified Diver in Open Water – Divemaster Course

We all love fun diving and during this dive you will be assisting your Instructor on a guided tour of a dive site.

You will be asked to give appropriate briefings for the dive site and look out for any potential problems that may occur.

Fun Diving

If all goes well you can spend the majority of the dive showing your divers the amazing aquatic life and marine diversity that exists in the ocean surrounding Koh Tao.

Our experienced pro team provide a choice of all inclusive Scuba Diving Internships for non divers or certified divers, including our extremely popular Divemaster Internship or the extensive Diving Instructor Internship.


PADI Divemaster Course Cost: 30,000 baht **

** Additional costs

2024 Divemaster Application Fee: $AUS 260 / *$286 (Australian Resident)

PADI Divemaster Materials – 8,000 baht
(Divemaster Crew Pack)

Customer Reviews

PADI Divemaster training

I completed my PADI Divemaster training with Black Turtle Dive through April and May 2021. Over six weeks, I learned extensively from BTD instructors Beard, Sue and Youri, improving my own dive skills, becoming more aware of different dive environments and diving conditions, furthering my technical and theoretical knowhow, and making the crucial transformation from a diver to a dive leader. BTD is a relatively new dive centre, but the decades of combined experience of its instructors and staff members make it one of the best operations not just on Koh Tao but in all of Thailand (I say this having dived a fair bit across the country). Apart from fun dives and courses, BTD also organises ecological and environmental activities from time to time, such as CoralWatch monitoring dives and Dive against Debris dives, so clients have a chance to get involved in citizen science programs and make their dive experience more meaningful. Overall, a big shout to BTD for their professionalism, high safety and operational standards, and their commitment to making scuba diving more enriching and more enjoyable for everyone. Read more

Anirban Mahapatra

Amazing Divemaster Experience

Amazing experience with the whole black turtle team! Everyone was super nice and welcoming which made my Dive Master training experience here amazing. My instructor Beard(Kieran) was awesome!! Everyone here is very good at what they do (scuba diving) and very fun to hang out with. The scuba diving standards at BTD are exemplary and higher than other dive shops I have been diving with. I really felt at home here and definitely felt like I got the best training and left with a lot more confidence in my skills as, now, a Dive Master. Read more

Nannaphat Sirison

Divemaster Scuba Diving Center

It took me a while to complete my PADI Divemaster course and I thoroughly enjoyed it – I just didn’t want it to end!! I will take a few months away and then think about taking my IDC with Black Turtle Dive as they are set up for it perfectly with a very experienced team of professionals. I loved the extra work that went into my training, including buoyancy workshops, skill circuits and some marine conservation modules. All round great experience and highly recommend this 5 star scuba diving center on Koh Tao for your Divemaster course. Thanks again guys !! Read more

Chris Rees

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the PADI Divemaster course Koh Tao take?

The PADI Divemaster course can take anything from 10 days to 6 weeks to complete. On average most candidates will complete the course in about 4 weeks.

The course is performance based rather than time based and ultimately it all depends on how relaxed or intense you want your course to be.

The course schedule is very flexible and by the end you need to have completed all segments and met all performance requirements.

Our Divemaster program coordinators will make a schedule with you on orientation day, depending on your needs and expectations.

What is the cost of the PADI Divemaster course Koh Tao?

Price of the standard Divemaster course on Koh Tao is THB 30,000. Although we have different packages available and the cost depends on your current certification and experience level.

The above price is course only and does not include course materials, membership fees. If you are interested in an all-inclusive package, send us a message and we can tailor the package to your needs.

What are the minimum requirements to start a PADI Divemaster course?

Below we have listed the diver prerequisites for the PADI Divemaster course.

Divers need to:

  • Be certified as a (PADI) Advanced Open Water diver and (PADI) Rescue diver
  • Be 18 years old
  • Have logged 40 dives to start the course
  • Need to have completed EFR Primary & Secondary Care training (or equivalent from other training organizations) in the last 24 months
  • Medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician in the last 12 months

If you are missing one or more of the prerequisites, send us a message and we can discuss your options.

Do I need to buy equipment for the PADI Divemaster course on Koh Tao?

No, it is not necessary to own your own set of scuba gear when taking the PADI Divemaster course on Koh Tao.

Most dive centres will include equipment rental in the cost of the course.

If you are looking for employment after your course it is strongly recommended to purchase your own personal set of diving equipment.

Generally, we find it to be a lot more comfortable for you, if you own some of your own equipment, such as mask, fins, dive computer.

All our Divemaster candidates enjoy a 15% discount on any equipment purchases through the dive centre.

Can I do a PADI Divemaster course Koh Tao if I never dived before?

Yes, we offer so called zero to hero packages that includes all courses from PADI Open Water all the way to Divemaster certification.

From a beginner, you start with the 4 day PADI Open Water course before progressing on to the PADI Advanced course.

After that, we usually recommend candidates to get more dive experience by fun diving before starting EFR and Rescue Diver training.

Afterwards you will get your Divemaster program orientation and you can get started on your Pro Level training.

Is it easy to find work as a PADI Divemaster on Koh Tao?

A lot of dive centres will employ Divemasters that our in-house trained. You will have more chance of employment in busier times (high season) and/or if you are able to speak more than one language.

If you have a great attitude, are people orientated and possess good communication, organizational and customer service skills you will be in a good position to find work.

Nowadays possessing good social media and digital skills will also put you in a more favorable position.

Can I get help with a visa if I sign up for PADI Divemaster course Koh Tao?

You can contact the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in your area to find out about requirements for obtaining a long-stay visa.

In normal times (pre-Covid), most nationalities can get a free 30-day stamp upon arrival, which can be extended with another 30 days in any immigration office in Thailand.

However, due to the global Covid pandemic, visa entry into Thailand has changed and you should contact us direct for the latest information. There are ST Visa’s available that are suited to candidates who want long term training for Divemaster, Dive Instructor and Scuba Diving Internships.

In certain cases the dive centre will be able to assist with supporting documents for obtaining a long-term visa.

What is the difference between PADI Divemaster and PADI Master Scuba Diver?

PADI Divemaster is the first level of professional diving and this certification allows you to work as a dive professional around the world.

PADI Master Scuba Diver is the highest achievable certification in recreational diving.

You can look at it as being the black belt of recreational diving.

What does a PADI Divemaster do on Koh Tao?

The main activity a PADI Divemaster will perform on Koh Tao is guiding certified divers on their fun dives.

By Thai law certified divers have to dive with a dive professional at all times, so there is a lot of job opportunity in Koh Tao.

Apart from that, a PADI Divemaster will also assist on certification courses, conduct refresher courses and help with the logistical side of the dive centre.

Does the cost of a Divemaster course on Koh Tao include accommodation?

Accommodation is generally not included in the course price. Dive centres may offer you a few discounted nights while you search for long-term accommodation on the island.

Most guesthouses will offer monthly rentals ranging from THB 6,000 – 25,000 per month.

In the cheaper price range you will have a fan based room with hot shower and perhaps a fridge and tv.

With the higher priced accommodation options you will have full service A/C cooled houses and potentially even with a swimming pool.

If you need any assistance with finding long-term accommodation during your Divemaster program, send us a message and we will be happy to help.