PADI Bubblemaker Experience for Kids

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Scuba Diving Experience Program for Kids on Koh Tao

Give your children a holiday experience they will never forget with a PADI Bubblemaker experience under the supervision of a highly trained PADI Diving Instructor.

Children 8 years of age or older can learn to breathe underwater and blow bubbles for the first time, swimming around in shallow water on scuba diving equipment.

PADI Bubblemaker for Kids Koh Tao
PADI Bubblemaker for Kids Koh Tao

Included in the Koh Tao PADI Bubblemaker

  • Half day introduction to scuba diving in shallow (confined) water
  • Insurance
  • Option to make additional shallow dives
  • Rental of all scuba equipment
  • FREE use of Dive Computer
  • Guaranteed small group – Maximum 2 students per PADI Instructor
  • Black Turtle Dive Customer (and environmental) promise

Fun for Kids with a PADI Bubblemaker adventure

To book a PADI Bubblemaker experience you must be:

  • 8 years old or older
  • Medically fit to dive

We conduct the PADI Bubblemaker experience over half a day.

Our PADI experience program consists of two sections:

  • Knowledge Development – your PADI Instructor takes you through basic knowledge including how to use equipment, how to equalize, how to clear a regulator, a mask and an overview of breathing rules.
  • Confined Water training – conducted in one of the many beautiful shallow bays around Koh Tao, we introduce your child to breathing underwater for the first time under direct supervision of a PADI Pro.
  • They will practice equalization and clearing water from the regulator and masks. We will take them for a swim across the sand where they will be able to look at the reef and fish.
PADI Bubblemaker Experience for Kids Koh Tao
PADI Bubblemaker Experience for Kids Koh Tao


At Black Turtle Dive we take our customer promise very seriously. All Bubblemaker experiences are conducted with a maximum of 2 students per PADI Instructor.

Our Instructors are highly trained and experienced, ensuring your child will receive lots of attention and they will progress at their own pace in a relaxed environment.

During the training your child will slowly build their confidence and ability and develop the skills necessary to have an enjoyable and safe experience.

Koh Tao PADI Bubblemaker schedule

The Bubblemaker schedule is flexible and we can work around the personal needs of your itinerary, offering an adaptable timeframe for completion to parents and their children.

Please ask us about special requests you may have either via email or on one of the messenger apps on this page. 

PADI Bubblemaker Experience: 2,500 baht

Additional dives:  1,000 baht

Experience Schedule:

11.30 – 12.30: Meet your Instructor, Orientation and paperwork
12.30 – 17.30: Board dive boat – briefing & scuba dive


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the PADI Bubblemaker Koh Tao?

The price for the PADI Bubblemaker program is 2,500 baht. ** Extra dive is 1,000 baht.

This half day program is conducted either in confined water or at one of Koh Tao’s shallow bays.

This is dependent on weather and diving conditions.

What is maximum depth for Bubblemaker program Koh Tao?

The maximum depth is 2 metres for the Bubblemaker program. During the dive your child will be under direct supervision of the instructor the whole time.

The program will be conducted in confined water, either in a swimming pool and/or in a shallow bay around Koh Tao.

Your child will get the chance to swim around in full scuba gear in shallow water.

How many kids are in a group on the PADI Bubblemaker program?

If the program is conducted in the swimming pool only, we do a maximum of 4 participants to one instructor.

When going out to one of the shallow bays around Koh Tao we reduce this ratio to 2:1 to ensure your child gets the personal attention needed to make this a memorable and fun experience.

It is possible for parents to join their kids by doing the Discover Scuba Diving experience or just as a fun diver if they are already certified.

Will my child get a certification after completing the PADI Bubblemaker course?

The PADI Bubblemaker program is not a certification course, it is an experience program.

In order to get a scuba diving certification a child needs to be minimum 10 years old.

They will get invaluable experience by knowing what it is like to use scuba gear and blow bubbles underwater.

What is the PADI Bubblemaker program Koh Tao?

The PADI Bubblemaker program on Koh Tao is an experience program designed to introduce young children from the age of 8 into the world of scuba diving.

Children will use scuba diving equipment and get a chance to breathe from a regulator and swim around underwater in shallow water.

Your children will get the chance to blow bubbles by scuba diving in confined water around Koh Tao.