Visas Koh Tao, Thailand


How to get a Visa for Koh Tao

Visas to get into Thailand and the visa application process will vary from country to country and the best immediate advice we can give is to contact your local Thai Embassy.

Your local Thai Embassy or consulate will be able to provide you with the most up to date information on their current visa application process.

In some cases, countries do not have a Thai Embassy or consulate and applicants will need to visit their nearest country to get the visa issued. (this is assuming that the country you plan to visit has no entry restrictions themselves).

Visa Application Form Koh Tao Thailand
Visa Application Form Koh Tao Thailand

Change in Visa Requirements

The existing visa application process and entry requirements for Thailand have changed significantly due to the Covid global pandemic.

As of January 2021, visitors can still enter Thailand with the appropriate visa in addition to the extra documentation currently required.

The visa situation is very fluid at the moment and the Thailand government are doing their best to balance the needs of Thai nationals, ex pats and allowing foreigners to enter the country.

ASQ & ALQ Quarantine

At the moment, all nationals and international visitors entering or re-entering into Thailand must stay in quarantine for 2 weeks and provide multiple negative Covid tests.

Check the latest Ascend Travel website as it is government approved and you can view, make enquiries and book a customised ASQ / ALQ quarantine package via this website.

There are many extra criteria you will need to meet before the visa will be issued in your home country, such as Covid medical insurance, flight plans, evidence of quarantine arrangements and onward accommodation details plus a negative Covid test result.

STV Visa for Entry to Thailand

There is also the possibility that the Thai government will allow the quarantine period to be added to a short stay 1-month entry visa, although this is unconfirmed as yet, message us for the latest update.

For aspiring scuba divers who want to enroll on our Divemaster or Diving Instructor Internships and want to stay for 6-9 months, the new STV visa is the best option at this time.

Signing up for an extended training course program with us means we can support your visa application with onward accommodation details and provide details of the courses you will be participating in.

For the STV visa applications, you will need to provide details of the accommodation and location you plan to stay in once you have completed quarantine, this will form part of your visa application.

Visa and Accommodation

The STV visa is valid for 3 months initially and can be extended two times up to 9 months and can be extended at a local immigration office.

For non divers who want to sign up for our extensive Scuba Diving Internship lifestyle packages, you can expect to be with us for between 3-6 months minimum.

For non divers who want to sign up for the Diving Instructor Internship packages, you can expect to be staying with us for the full 9 months at a minimum.

Completing our MSDT Internship will add another 1-2 months to your stay.

The length of time you stay with us will depend on your plans, how flexible you want your course structure to be and of course your visa situation.

We can offer reliable advice and guidance on visa renewals once you are with us that can be processed within our province, however, please note, the visa situation is fast moving and subject to change.

Scuba Diving Internship Packages

It is always worth remembering that the global travel situation can change and in 6-9 months the visa situation will almost certainly have been updated and adapted to the changing circumstances.

However, although you have to meet the extra requirements to get into Thailand, once you are in and have completed quarantine, the situation is quite normal.

Koh Tao as a small island has been fortunate so far not to have any cases and life here on the island is quite normal.

Scuba diving and diving courses plus other activities continue as normal on Koh Tao and our pro level team can work with you to help you achieve your goals as an aspiring scuba diver.

Long Stay Visa for Koh Tao

All routes to gain entry to Thailand start at your local Thai Embassy. Visit them and tell them your plans and ask them what they want you to provide to start the application process.

Please get in touch with us and we can provide you with the latest information and we hope you will take the extra time to get yourself organized and we look forward to meeting you.

Check here for a list of Thai embassies and consulates